How to dress as a photographer

October 17, 2019

Not sure how to dress as a photographer?

I was never quite sure how to dress as a photographer and one of my goals for 2019 was to up my style game for client meetings. Usually you’d find me wearing a pair of cargo shorts and a tshirt. Maybe it was me rebelling from 25 years of working for the man, but I came to realize that looking presentable for clients is another way to earn their trust (and that cargo shorts are never cool).

I’ve never been a fashionista, I was wearing those cargo shorts and tshirts because they were easy, they fit and they were comfortable. When I decided I wanted to up my game I went to a few stores but was overwhelmed. I had no idea where to start and trying things on was taking forever

Have you heard about StichFix?

Then my wife told me about Stitch Fix. I’d heard of them because their commercials are EVERYWHERE, but I had no idea they had a service for men as well as women.

You start by filling out an online questionnaire with all your sizes. You give them your preferred price ranges for different types of clothing. And they also show you a bunch of clothes and you tell them if you like them or not. It’s actually kind of fun to go through.

Then they send you 5 articles of clothing. You try everything on and keep what you like. You pay for what you keep, but you get 25% off your total if you keep all 5 pieces.

There is a $25 styling fee you pay up front, but that goes towards whatever you keep. They even give you a postage paid bag you use to return the items you don’t want so you only lose the $25 styling fee if you don’t keep anything – which I guaranty will never happen.

I’ve done about 6 or 7 of them so far and I’ve already had 3 where I kept everything. I’ve been amazed at the fit and the style has been spot on.

Want to try them?

If you’d like to try StitchFix out for yourself they just sent me a link you can use for $50 off your first styling. If you do use the link I also get $50 off my next styling. Win/Win!

If you have any questions, let me know. Here’s the link…



By Nick

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