Are you one of SeniorInspire’s 75 Influencers for 2022?

May 31, 2022
Our contest is now closed. Watch for results coming in July, 2022!
SeniorInspire is excited to announce our brand new 75 SeniorInspire Influencers for 2022 contest is starting right now!

For this contest we are asking senior photographers to submit their favorite SQUARE IMAGES!

We’re looking for 75 photographers with square images, big on style and high on impact! Each of the 75 photographers chosen will have between one and five of their SQUARE images featured in the next SQUARE issue of SeniorInspire the Magazine.

Will you be on the list? You’ll never know unless you try!!

Some things you need to know about submitting your images for our contest…

We are accepting only square images

This time around we’re looking for only square images . We want this square shaped issue of SeniorInspire the Magazine to have a social media feel to it. So please make sure you’ve cropped your portfoilio of images as square before you submit them. Please DO NOT use any kind of borders to make your images square – we want actual square images.

What type of images should I submit?

Submit your best, most impactful senior work! For this issue we are looking for only photos of individual seniors you’ve taken in 2021 or 2022. Graduation year does not matter, but please no groups, no workshop images (unless you were the workshop leader) and no black and whites!

How should I name my files?

Please don’t get hung up on file names -It’s easy! Your filename should be your studio name followed by a number. I don’t care what number you use, but each image should have a unique number. THAT’S IT! THOSE ARE THE ONLY REQUIREMENTS! So if your studio name is ABC Photos, your file names should look like..  ABC Photos XXX.jpg where the ‘XXX’ is whatever number you’d like.

How larege should my files be?

If selected your images will be printed in the next issue of SeniorInspire the Magazine, so we want a decent amount of resolution. Cropping your images to 2400px X 2400px will get the job done. Larger than that is ok too. Images submitted that are smaller than 2400px X 2400px may be disqualified. If you need help with cropping your images, ask in the SeniorInspire Facebook group!

Ugh, do I have to bug ALL my clients for releases?

We don’t want you to get hung up on releases and we’ve refined the process to make it STUPID EASY!  We pride ourselves on having the easiest release process in the business!

You do NOT need to submit a release with your entries. If you are one the 75 influencers chosen, you’ll receive information about obtaining a release for your chosen image(s) only.

You’ll have a week to have your client submit our online digital release form. It’s amazingly simple, but if we do not receive a release from your client within that week, your image will not appear in the magazine. This hasn’t happened yet, so please don’t sweat this!

Look, I’m in a magazine!

That’s right, all 75 influencers will have between one and five of their images published in the summer issue of SeniorInspire thes Magazine! To increase your chances of being chosen, please make sure you’re submitting the best portfolio of work possible

The rules!

Please carefully read through the rules below before submitting.

We’ll be accepting contest entries through Midnight, CST on Sunday, June 26th. Winners will be announced in July and featured in the Summer issue of SeniorInspire the Magazine.

Processing Fee to Submit:
$20 – 5 images
$35 – 10 images
$60 – 20 images
To submit more than 20 images do it on a second form.
Remember that the influencers chosen will have between one and five images featured in our next magazine, so be sure to submit a killer portfoilio of images.


* Did I say all images should be cropped SQUARE at a minimum size of 2400px X 2400px?

* All image files must be in the .jpg format and submitted using the form below.

* You may submit as many images as you’d like. If you want to submit more than 20, do it on a second form.

* Images should be high resolution .jpg files, sized at a minimum of 2400px X 2400px

* There should be NO BRANDING on your images

* Images from paying clients only. NO WORKSHOP IMAGES (unless you were the instructor)!

* Do not submit group or black and white images. Only images of individuals will be considered.

* Do not add borders to your images to make them square! Images that do this will be disqualified.

* Your file name should be your studio name followed by a number. After your studio name you can use whatever number you’d like. Just make sure each file has a unique name.

* You must certify that you have a signed release on file for each image submitted and that you will instruct your client to submit a digital SeniorInspire release within one week of notification that your image(s) has been chosen for publication.

* All images must be of individual seniors who you photographed in 2021 or 2022. Graduation year does not matter.

* All images that do not meet the submission criteria are subject to disqualification.

* No refunds will be given for disqualified images.

* All contest decisions made by SeniorInspire will be final.

* As you’d expect we are looking for your best work! We want gorgeous images with impact and beautiful light that show creativity, excellent composition and great posing. Send your very best!

If you have any questions feel free to click here to email.

Good luck!


By Nick

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