How to have your images considered for feature on SeniorInspire

October 31, 2019

The most common question I get is, “How do I get my photo featured on SeniorInspire”.

Daily Instagram Features

The only way to have your photos considered for feature on our Instagram page is to use the hashtag #SeniorInspire when you post on Instagram. Photos that have been hashtagged are reviewed daily on an ongoing basis and featured throughout the week.

Please don’t  use the @Tag SeniorInspire on your Instagram posts. Instagram now send images that have been tagged that way straight to my inbox, and you won’t believe how unsuable that has made my inbox. Until Instagram changes this, I’d appreciate it if you avoid using the @tag.

Also, sending SeniorInspire a DM or tagging them in an Instagram Stories are two ways that do NOT work. There’s no easy way for me to repost photos from DM’s or Stories, so your odds of being considered for feature that way is as close to zero as can be.

Also, please keep in mind that if your account is private, SeniorInspire will not see your hashtags or @ tags unless we follow you. Moral of the story: DON’T BE PRIVATE!

Fun fact: 800,000 photos have been tagged #SeniorInspire on Instagram! So make sure you’re posting quality work that will stand out!

Wednesdays in our Facebook Group

Are you a member of the SeniorInspire Facebook group? Have you heard about What You Got Wedneday?

On Wednesday, and only on Wednesdays in our group, feel free to start your own thread and share anything you’ve been working on that you think the group might enjoy.

To share on Wednesdays, please start a new thread in the Facebook group with the hashtag #WYGW (What You Got Wednesday) and then share away!

To join our Facebook group, search for the SeniorInspire group on Facebook or use this link to get there:

SeniorInspire the Magazine

Our print magazine is published twice a year. Be watching in our Facebook group for submission information. 


By Nick

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