Senior Photographers I’d Like to Follow in 2024 – Contest

January 05, 2024


Hey there, folks, it’s SeniorInspire coming at you with some exciting news! Buckle up because our annual 100 Photographers I’d Like to Follow in 2024 image contest is kicking off right this very minute.

As we roll into the new year, full of hopes as high as skyscrapers and expectations that could touch the moon, I want to take a little time to give a nod to those Senior Photographers that absolutely everyone should be keeping an eye on in 2024.

Now, the big question is: Will you be on the list? Well, my friends, you’ll never know unless you decide to give it a shot!


Can I submit if I’ve been selected as a ‘Photographer I’d Like to Follow’ in previous years?

Yes, of course!

When is the deadline to submit?

Sunday, February 4th

What can I submit?

Simple, any color images you took of senior individuals during 2023 or 2024.

What CAN’T I submit?

No branded photos, no group photos and no black and white photos! Also Images you created at workshops should not be submitted unless you were the instructor.

If you started your business in either 2022 or 2023 you’re eligible for our brand new Newcomer award category. Depending how many entries we get, we’re hoping to award a separate group of 5 – 10 newcomers for their outstanding work
How big should my files be?

Images should be high resolution .jpg files, sized at  least 3000 px on the long edge so they will look good in our magazine if chosen for publication.

How should my files be named?

Don’t get hung up on this! Your filename should be your studio name followed by a number. That’s it! I don’t care what number you use, but each image should have a unique number. THAT’S IT! THOSE ARE THE ONLY REQUIREMENTS! So if your studio name is ABC Photos, your file names should look like…  ABC Photos 001.jpg, ABC Photos 002.jpg, ABC Photos 003.jpg, etc. etc.

The Easiest Release Process in the Business

We don’t want you to get hung up on releases and we’ve refined the process to make it STUPID EASY! You do not need to submit a release with your entries. If you are one the 100 photographers chosen, you’ll receive information about obtaining a release for your chosen image(s). You’ll have 10 days to have your client submit one of our world famous online digital release forms. It’s amazingly simple, but if we do not receive a release from your client within those 10 days, your image will not appear in the magazine.

Print Magazine

That’s right, just like last year the winners of this year’s Photographers I’d Like to Follow will all have one or more of their images published in the Spring issue of SeniorInspire the Magazine!

RockStar Status!!

Every year we have photographers who submit 20  or more killer images, but we only get to recognize one of their photos. We hate that! So this year we’re going to be looking at all of the images you submit as a portfolio and choose at least 20 true Rockstars!

Here’s how it works…

If you submit a portfolio of at least TEN images and you’re chosen as one of the 100 winning photographers, you’ll also be in the running for one of our SeniorInspire RockStar awards. Everyone who achieves Rock Star status will receive a special badge to commemorate their status and will also get a two page spread in the Spring Issue of SeniorInspire the magazine.

The rules!


We’ll be accepting contest entries through Midnight, CST on Sunday, February 4th. Winners will be announced sometime in late February and featured in the Spring issue of SeniorInspire the magazine.

Fee to Submit:
$10 – 1 image
$20 – 5 images
$35 – 10 images
To submit more than 10 images do it on a second form.
To be considered for the Top 20 RockStar award you must submit at least 10 images.


* All image files must be submitted using the form below.

* You may submit as many images as you’d like. If you want to submit more than 10, do it on a second form.

* You must submit at least 10 images to be considered for the Top 20 – SeniorInspire Rockstar award (see ‘Rockstar Status’ above).

* Images should be high resolution .jpg files, sized at  least 3000 px on the long edge.

* There should be NO BRANDING on your images

* Images from paying clients only. No workshop images.

* Do not submit group or black and white images. Only images of individuals will be considered.

* Your file name should be your studio name followed by a number. After your studio name you can use whatever number you’d like. Just make sure each file has a unique name.

* You must certify that you have a signed release on file for each image submitted and that you will instruct your client to submit a digital SeniorInspire release within two weeks of notification that your image(s) has been chosen for publication.

* All images must be of individual seniors who you photographed during 2023 or 2024.

* All images that do not meet the submission criteria are subject to disqualification.

* No refunds will be given for disqualified images.

* All contest decisions made by SeniorInspire will be final.

* As you’d expect we are looking for your best work! We want gorgeous images with impact and beautiful light that show creativity, excellent composition and great posing. Send your very best!

If you have any questions feel free to click here to email.

Good luck!

By Nick

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