50 Senior Photographers to Follow in 2019 – Contest

January 08, 2019
SeniorInspire 30 Senior Photographers to Watch in 2017

SeniorInspire is excited to announce our 50 TO FOLLOW image contest starting right now!

You all worked hard in 2018 and with the year coming to a close, we want to recognize 50 Senior Photographers to Follow in 2019!

This year we’ll be judging two categories: Girl Senior Photos and Guy Senior Photos! There will be 40 winning images chosen in the girls category and 10 in the guys. If someone has a winning image in both categories, they’ll be elevated to ROCKSTAR STATUS which will open up spots for two more images! More spots, more winners!

We’ll be accepting contest entries through February 4th and announcing the winners in an Instagram slow reveal all day on February 23rd and 24th (roughly one per hour)! We’ll also be featuring the winning images on our website with links back to your own website. And any photographers who win in both categories will achieve ROCKSTAR STATUS and be featured on a special page of our website.

Please carefully read through the rules below before submitting.


The contest will run thru Midnight, CST on February 4th. Winners will be featured around the clock on the SeniorInspire Instagram page on February 23rd and 24th.

Fee to Submit:

$5 – 1 image

$10 – 3 images

$15 – 5 images

You may submit as many images as you’d like. If you want to submit more than 5, do it on a second form.


* All image files must be submitted using the form below.

* Images should be sized at 1200px on the long edge.

* There should be no branding on your images

* Images from paying clients only. No workshop images.

* Do not submit group photos. Individuals only please.

* Include your studio name in the filename of each file submitted.

* You must certify that you have a signed release on file for each image submitted.

* You may enter as many images as you’d like.

* All images must be of individual high school seniors who are either 2018 or 2019 graduates.

* There’s no need to designate your entry as a girl or guy submission, unless it ‘s not obvious.

* All images that do not meet the submission criteria are subject to disqualification.

* No refunds will be given for disqualified images.

* All contest decisions made by SeniorInspire will be final.

* As you’d expect we are looking for your best work! We want gorgeous images with impact and beautiful light that show creativity, excellent composition and great posing. Send your very best!

If you have any questions feel free to click here to email.

Good luck!

By Nick

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  1. In my first entry I had my instagram name spelled wrong, it is correct on this form

    • Got it! Thanks for entering!!

  2. I did enter this right? Just checking it’s been a crazy month.

    • Just checked. Everything looks good. Thanks for entering!

  3. Good one Nick ….. get the email this morning @ 7:00am and the contest closed last night. Mmmmmmmmmmm

    • Sorry, Aussie. The contest officially ended 20 minutes after your note – in fact I’m physically turning it off right now. Not sure why you couldn’t get in, but I got a ton of other entries right up until midnight…

  4. Aaaaack! I missed it!! Too much chaos with construction at my house. So bummed!! I’ll watch for it next year!

  5. Hey Nick, Just checking if you got our submissions?

    • Yep, got ’em. Thanks for entering…


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