This past spring break my family and I decided to intertwine college tours with a fun road trip down the California Pacific coast to a place surrounded by redwood trees. A place I always wanted to go and finally got to experience…

Big Sur!

As we pressed on through the winding roads that began in Kettleman City – the only way to get to Big Sur because of this past winter’s erosion events – I periodically looked down at my phone with the thought that soon there would be no connection to this device many people today are obsessed with. I was surprisingly happy!

We arrived just in time for sunset. The red, orange, and yellow colors in the sky, the sound of the ocean waves crashing in what appeared to be slow motion, and the thought that there would be no cellular towers for miles propelled a feeling of calmness in me.

We got to our yurts – circular tents on a collapsible framework – and I immediately wanted to stay in Big Sur for longer than two nights. I loved being inside while surrounded by wilderness. I could hear the wind rattling the trees and could see the shadows of bats through the thin walls.

I truly have never slept better than I did that night in the yurt. I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle my day, with an excited feeling for the experiences to come.

After breakfast we ventured off to go hiking, driving about 10 minutes up the coast to a hiking trail. As we began our ascent, I took a breath and was struck by how fresh the air felt compared to the smog infested cities I’d left behind.

The trail took my family and I through fields of orange poppy seed flowers, lavender weeds, monarch butterflies and layers of green grass.

After finishing our strenuous hike there was nothing else we wanted to do other than go back and relax. Normally I’d be anxious to check in on the Instagram world, but on this trip I couldn’t wait to bond with my family, read and take a nap.

The nights were magical in Big Sur with speckles of stars everywhere and the cool breeze that was just cold enough to make me reach for a jacket.

We met people from all over the United States: a couple from Nashville, a lady from Santa Barbara, a family from the East Coast. Their presence proved to me that Big Sur is more than a weekend getaway; people from all over plan trips to this hidden gem of a coastline.

I believe photographers, hikers, loungers, and anyone in between would find their place in Big Sur, and want to stay longer than just a short time.

I hope wherever you are from you can someday experience the wonders and joys of Big Sur, California!

And I hope you are able to find peace, connect with others, and unplug from your devices in your daily lives even if that means giving up Wifi for a few days.

Susie Lloyd

Susie Lloyd

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