In your life, you’ll realize one thing. Time is your enemy and your friend.

We tend to get so caught up with what happened in our past or what may happen in our future, we forget to live in the present.

We can’t go back in time as much as we would like to; to be able to change what we’ve done, but we can work on striving to do well in the present to not regret how our futures will turn out to be.

Have a dream? Commit to it now, work hard, and within time you’ll be thanking yourself for sticking to your goals.

You will have your highs and lows in life. You will be mad when nothing seems to go your way, but before you even realize it, it will be the future and you’ll forget what you were frustrated about years from now.

You may feel it has been an “eternity” of constant waiting just to hope that the future you envision for yourself comes as fast as possible.

Yet, all good things in life take time. Don’t rush your life, because you’ll miss out on the small moments that make life extraordinary.

We get to choose how we want to live. It’s just a matter of how hard we work while waiting for our dreams and goals to become a reality.

Time is such a fragile concept. The enjoyable moments in life go by so quick, it seems that we don’t even have enough time to grasp on to the moments that make us want to explore in the adventures our lives allow us to take.

Although, I will tell you this. Time is the best doctor and teacher. It heals you from your deepest pains and teaches you valuable lessons to learn from.

Throughout time you will learn that you can only be a better version of you if you find your passion and put forth dedication towards it until your battle of constantly waiting has been conquered and you go home with victory on your side.

We wonder when time will run out while we are waiting for our dreams to finally come true. The answer to that is when we don’t pay attention to time at all.

Paying attention to the issues that bother you in life draw you to become stressed about circumstances you just can’t control.

Instead of paying attention to the bad moments in your life, focus on the good and remember that you are only human.

It’s okay to be stressed, angry, happy, sad, excited, scared, or however you are feeling during a certain time.

Life is a treasure hunt. Yet, you find treasures along the path you take and when you reach the final end, you realize that the small treasures in your life make for the biggest treasure in the end.

So for now, find your passion, strive to meet your goals, and have patience.

Gabriella Femia

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