The time has arrived for senior portraits!

Finally, the moment we have been waiting for since freshman year has come. The time when we are allowed to dress up to the fullest, carry ourselves like graduates and a time of pure excitement…. For some.

Recently more people have been telling me how easy it is to get the picture done and over with, but I still feel as though there is some huge symbolic power of taking my senior portrait.

It may be childish and silly, but I’m not ready.

Many people say they aren’t ready to leave home or don’t want to live so far away when they leave for college, yet my fear comes before the realization that I will be leaving; I am afraid to be a senior.

It seems like our last chance to indulge ourselves as children, it may be our last chance to get away with little mistakes because we are still teens, not adults. The moment we step on the pedestal of the big “eighteen” is when our whole being is supposed to rise to the occasion.

Some people are not as worried about this transition, after all not everyone is affected by social anxiety like me. Yet I think there is a lesson to be learned whether or not adulthood looms large in your future.

Everyone always says, “Be who you are” and “be unique”.

How can we stay unique when we are constantly conforming to societal norms or even just a teacher’s expectations? How are we allowed to be children when we are caving under the pressure of being the “perfect student” who is well rounded, passionate, and dedicated?

Sure, we need to develop commitment and coachability, but to what extent? When do we lose our childish dreams and just become a dead man walking?

I challenge you to hold onto the passions that aren’t practical. The activities that made you squeal with joy.

When you say you don’t have time, look at what you are doing that takes up so much of your precious adolescent years. School, sports, clubs, are all important, but when it reaches a point where we are up at 3 a.m. trying to cram for that AP US history exam tomorrow, it may not be worth it.

Take time to indulge yourself! Play hooky.

Remember in 10 or 15 years you will not remember what you wore or what grade you got in that class, you will remember how you felt and the ways you acted. Did you listen to yourself? Or did you listen to what others wanted for you?

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