We are living in the Digital Age!

Nearly everyone has a smartphone and numerous social media accounts. While all of this technology was intended to connect people, I often feel as if it has only made our world ridiculously superficial and less intelligent as a whole.

For one, social media platforms seem to serve as a center to show off your outfit or makeup or the rockin’ party you just had. Each selfie acts as a request for validation that we look good.

And that reassurance is so nice. But is that really a way we should utilize technology? Is constant worrying about our appearances really a way to live? Shouldn’t we be striving to have enough confidence in ourselves to not need that reassurance and flattery?

Social media posting has put so much value on appearance.

Of course, everyone likes to look pretty, and it’s fun for a lot of girls to do their hair and makeup. But what about, “It’s what’s on the inside that counts,” or, “Don’t judge a book by its cover?”

Social media allows us to forget about who we are as people. What matters to us, how we treat others, what we want out of life. Shouldn’t all of that matter more than the new top you bought or beautiful braid in your hair?

Social media and messaging allow us to become someone we are not.

We all want to put our best foot forward. However, we are not just the best parts of ourselves.

Everyone’s got their quirks and has their bad days, and heavy use of social media and texting, in which we have time to formulate a perfect response, prevents those we communicate with from seeing all of us.

As a bit of a hopeless romantic who reads way more than an acceptable number of romance novels in her spare time, I love when two people just click. When they’re “the one” for each other. When they can joke around and be serious with one another. When they are open with one another.

That’s when lasting relationships are formed. And the role of social media in society today, while it can be the beginning of relationships, can often tear apart relationships that depend upon it.

Moving on from the dreamy love talk, texting has brought about acronyms and abbreviations and disregard for spelling and punctuation. In the professional aspects of our lives, we must be capable of writing correctly and coherently to be respected and successful.

Additionally, increased screen time has replaced time once spent reading or talking with friends and family. It seems to me that we could learn a lot more from books or conversation than from TV shows.

As a teen with a significant amount of schoolwork, though, I understand the need for and often indulge in “brain breaks” of screen time.

As a user of social media, I’m sure I spend an ungodly amount of time viewing Snapchat stories, scrolling through Instagram, and pinning on my Pinterest boards. And technology really has made life drastically easier and opened the door for incredible academic discovery.

But hopefully remembering the ways in which digital can inhibit the lives we are leading can help us to be more present and have a healthier mindset on the daily.

Abby Palotas

Abby Palotas

Teen Talk Blogger

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