High school presents many opportunities for students to get involved in their community, pursue their interests, and have some fun.

But sometimes it’s difficult to manage the multitude of activities and responsibilities that come with the workload of high school.

I can say from experience…  Life gets incredibly busy!

Between working a job, playing sports, being an active member of clubs, playing the piano, and maintaining straight As, there is often a lot on my plate. But through years of juggling all of this, I’d like to think I have learned to handle it fairly well.

So here are my six tips to get a handle on your schoolwork…

1. Plan Ahead

If you know what nights you have to work or have other extracurricular activities going on, you can try to do most of your homework the night before. Or if you have weekly assignments, complete them over the weekend. That way, you won’t be stressing about projects at the last minute.

2. Chip Away

If I have to write a research paper, I’ll usually pick a weekend when I have some time and work on it in spurts. In one session I’ll write an introduction. A little later I’ll cover one of the main topics. I’ll take another break and then work some more. This method may not be for you if you prefer sitting down and hammering out papers, even if it means being up until 3 AM. I am not one of those people though, so I find it helpful to break up the work and periods of more intense thinking.

3. Study Long Before the Test

Just like chipping away at large assignments, studying ahead of time breaks down the material you’re learning. You can go over all the material once or twice a day, or you can learn a new bit each day. Again, this can save you from the late nights of cramming or those lower test scores that come from the need for a tad more study time.

4. Ask Questions

Even if you feel embarrassed to speak up in class, teachers are there to help you learn. They should be more than willing to help. And it’s true what is often said… If you are confused and have a question, chances are someone else is feeling the same way.

5. Seek Extra Help

Even if it stinks to have to put extra time into your schoolwork, your grade is at stake. The extra time and help will be worth it.

6. Have Some Fun!

High school shouldn’t be all work and no play! You should have some fun! Certainly don’t neglect your school assignments or sports practices, but you should go to the homecoming game and dance, go to prom, hang out with your friends, see a movie, have some fun!

High school has its rough patches for all of us. Hopefully my study tips will make the road a little smoother for you! Feel free to share any other tips you have for getting through high school in the comments. I’m sure we can all use any help we can get!

Abby Palotas

Abby Palotas

Teen Talk Blogger

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